How to Meet Single NFL Players

Are you trying to meet single NFL players? Have you been looking at different ways to meet some of the league’s best-looking prospects? You’re in luck, single NFL players are out and about, looking to meet young successful people like yourself.

Meeting professional football players can be hard, there aren’t that many of them and when they’re not busy scoring touchdowns they’re traveling around America, getting to the next game. When and where can you meet single NFL players? It’s simple, follow these few steps and you’re sure to have the best running back in the league knocking on your door!

10 Ways to Meet Single NFL Players

Single Football Players
photo credit: Christopher Brown

1. Big Parties and Events; NFL Players like to have fun

If you know single NFL football players, you know they like to live life at the highest level. They train hard, play hard, and… party hard. That’s right, the best football players in the world are 26 years old on average, and what guy in their mid-twenties doesn’t want to have fun?

If you’re looking for a great spot to find a single athlete from the national football league, look no further than big parties and events. Most NFL players live in the city in which they play, and most teams are located in big cities filled with great events. Take Denver for example, the Mile High City is not only home to the famous orange-and-blue Broncos, but also some of the best parties this side of the Rockies.

NFL players, rappers, and other famous men can all be seen at the annual All White Party in Denver. In 2022, it was hosted by none other than rap superstar 2 Chainz! The cover fee isn’t cheap either, acting as a filter for people who aren’t willing to invest some time and money into having a good time. Parties like these do the work for you, if you want to find a man suitable for you just look towards the V.I.P. section.

2. Expensive Bars and Restaurants; NFL Players like to eat lavishly

Just like partying hard, NFL players have the time and money to eat at the nicest restaurants in town. I know what you’re thinking,” Lavish restaurants? I can’t afford that!”. Don’t worry, dating an NFL player isn’t all about spending money, it’s about spending time.

Instead of sitting down at your table and ordering an expensive meal just to meet someone, head to the bar. Places like Ruth’s Chris, one of the best steakhouses in the world, have bars for their patrons to sit at. And that’s exactly where you should go, straight to the bar looking to mingle.

Dress up nice, head to the bar, and order soda water. While you might want a drink, it’s best to have your wits about you when meeting someone successful. Plus, opportunities like this don’t come every day and you should be in your best form when looking to date an NFL player.

This option is one of the best because every major city has several different high-end restaurants that NFL players like to go to. From Ruth’s Chris to Mortons to Del Frisco’s, you’re sure to meet one of the league’s best by just spending your Friday nights at the bar looking approachable.

3. Expensive and Luxury Gyms; NFL Players want the best from their workouts

If it isn’t clear by now, NFL players do things a little differently from the rest of us, which is what makes dating them so appealing. They eat, they party, but they also work out with passion! Famous people can’t go to your normal 24-hour fitness gyms, they’d be swarmed by fans or maybe other people looking to date. Instead, athletes shell out the cash to afford some of the most luxurious, exclusive fitness clubs in America.

Again, I know price is a problem here. Not everyone has $3,000 to buy a year’s membership to Equinox, a staple of luxury gyms. Therefore, you should look towards their day-pass and buddy-pass options. Most high-end gyms understand people want to try their machines before they buy, and you can use this opportunity to look your best and go for free for the duration of the pass.

These gyms are filled with the youngest, most successful athletes on the planet. Once you’re working out and looking good, they’ll be more than happy to come over and introduce themselves.

4. Follow NFL Wives and Girlfriends on social media; find out where NFL Players spend their free time

Gyms and restaurants aren’t the only places NFL players spend their free time, at the end of the day they’re normal people who also like to get out of the house and unwind. The best way to find out where these young athletes hang out is from their friends, or more specifically their friends who post updates on their social media.  

If you’re following the girlfriend of an NFL player that player isn’t single, but maybe his teammates are. By going to a popular spot for some of the team, you’ll be able to find out where the rest of them go. Looking at one of the most famous NFL couples, quarterback Russel Wilson and his wife Ciara are always on the go. They’re either going to charitable events or lounging at the local spa. While Russel has his woman, his wide receiver Jerry Jeudy doesn’t! From Ciara to Wilson to Jeudy, dating a single NFL player isn’t easy, but it can be done.

5. Slide into an NFL Player’s DMs; stick to the classics

Messaging a player privately on social media isn’t a new idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. While the popularity of social media has added some more competition to the dating game, reaching out to someone directly is a bold move worthy of respect. And, more importantly, it works.

Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, met his girlfriend on Instagram. Not only did they meet on the popular social media platform, but she messaged him first! Kelce isn’t your average NFL player either (if there is one), he’s a seven-time pro-bowler and Super Bowl champion! If this isn’t the clearest indication that sliding into DMs works, nothing is!

With more social media sites you have more chances than ever to find the tight end of your dream. From TikTok to Twitter, sliding into DMs may just allow you to score!

6. Befriend an NFL Player’s wife or girlfriend; it never hurts to have connections

One of the most popular ways to find a potential partner is through a friend. By being introduced through someone the player knows, they won’t look at you as a stranger. Instead, they’ll trust their friend introducing you and lower their guard, giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce the best parts of yourself.

Continuing on #4, following NFL girlfriends and wives on social media is a great way to find out the most popular spots for these women. Many participate in charity or large charitable events. By going and donating your time, you’ll have a shot at getting to meet the ladies of the NFL and hopefully befriending one of them. This friendship would be a huge benefit to anyone looking to date an NFL player!

7. Get a job at the stadium; it’s not hard to find Players at work

This might be the most obvious way to find a single NFL player on this list. By getting a job at a player’s home stadium, you’ll have a unique opportunity almost every day to catch a glimpse of your future man. You don’t have to find him either; this way, he’ll come to you.

Working at a stadium allows you to be near the players when the normal crowd isn’t, before and after games. When they’re not playing, NFL players are usually practicing either in the gym or in the same stadium they play at.

Not only does working at a stadium give you access to the home players but the single players coming from the away team too! Even better, the yearly NFL schedule is no secret, giving you the chance to plan on which teams or players you want to meet!

8. Get a job at the local country club; NFL players love to lounge

Another longer-term investment, getting a job at the local country club may take longer than other methods but your chances of coming across single NFL players couldn’t be higher. Aaron Rodgers, the legendary quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is a longstanding member of the Green Bay Country Club. While he’s playing 18 holes, you could come by every so often as a bar cart attendant and offer him a drink.

This method is more of a commitment than the others, but for good reason. Working at a luxurious golf course or country club will mean that all of your customers are wealthy and luxurious themselves, the perfect place to meet a single NFL player!

9. Go to training camp; buy a Player a drink after a hard day’s work

Every year, each NFL team has a pre-season training camp designed to get their players into good shape before beginning the new campaign. While these players may be busy during the day training, they’re free at night to explore and live it up in the city. Training camps’ times and locations are public, so anyone looking to go watch during the day, or find out where the players will be at night, has a good idea of where to go.

For example, this year the Buffalo Bills were training at St. John Fisher College, in Rochester, New York. Normally, the players are in Buffalo so for training camp, a lot of them get a hotel. Going to the team’s hotel and hanging out at the hotel’s bar is a great place to meet single NFL players. The Steelers had their training camp at Saint Vincent College, away from Pittsburgh in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. After practice, many of the players spent time together at the hotel bar, a perfect opportunity for you to meet them!

10. Join a high-profile dating app; even the stars use Tinder

Everyone is familiar with dating apps, but not everyone realizes who they may find. Stars like Channing Tatum and Chelsea Handlers have admitted to using both Bumble and Tinder to try and open up their dating pools, but what if there was a dating app more exclusive than the two giants?

Enter Raya and Luxy, two dating apps designed for the richest, most successful of us. NFL players flock to apps like these, being a member of Luxy guarantees a certain standard anyone would want to date. Becoming a member is no easy feat, some apps require that you obtain a recommendation from a current member to get in. If you do manage to get in, your chances of finding a single NFL player will skyrocket!

Sure, you can find a good-looking wide receiver while swiping through Bumble, but it could take weeks or even months to filter through everyone else. That’s Luxy’s biggest benefit, it does the filtering for you. Gone are the days of searching hopelessly for a good-looking NFL player with apps like Raya!

Luckily, there are other options for people wanting to meet single NFL players that aren’t just exclusive dating sites. is a dating site for single NFL players and for people looking for ways to find them! Great for picking up some dating advice.

BONUS! Create an affluent Instagram and show off a life of luxury; even NFL players have time to scroll

As we mentioned earlier, NFL players are just like the rest of us in that they spend their free time scrolling through Instagram too. They are different though, the pages they follow can sometimes reflect their high-end lifestyles. Most of all, they’re known to enjoy the finer things in life, things you can display on your affluent Instagram page!

When making an Instagram to attract a potential football player, post about the nicest things in your life. Take pictures anytime you dress up, go to a fancy restaurant, and especially when you go on vacation. By highlighting your familiarity with the finer things, NFL players won’t feel nervous to take you out to a nice place. They’ll think you’re used to it and will probably go the extra mile to impress!

BONUS #2! Become a cheerleader; a Player’s #1 fan is sure to catch their eye

photo credit: Matthew Straubmuller

This has to be the best method to guarantee facetime with an NFL player. Who is around players more than cheerleaders? When they’re not on the field, players are on the sidelines, right by their cheer squad. While not everyone has what it takes to become an elite-level cheerleader for an NFL team, those who do should surely become one if they want to date an NFL player.

Most players play for one of three squads: offense, defense, and special teams. If they’re the quarterback, the pinnacle of a team’s offense, then they can surely be found on the bench during the defense. Plenty of time to see one of your routines!

Cheerleaders are known to date football players, and having a relatively similar schedule allows for an easy balance outside of work. Cheerleaders often travel with the team to away games, providing an easy opportunity to get to know each other on what would otherwise be a work trip.

Tips for Dating an NFL Player

Finding single NFL players to date is only half the battle, once you find one you’ll have to be prepared if you want to keep him. Luckily, we have a couple of key methods ensuring you keep your man and keep each other happy!

1: Don’t talk about work

Playing in the National Football League isn’t like most other jobs. It’s time-consuming, physically and emotionally draining, and can be very lonely. When a player isn’t playing, they’re a regular person like the rest of us. And who wants to bring work home with them?

Like other jobs, it’s sometimes best to leave work at the door. People get confused that because football is such an exciting thing to be a part of, players will be more than happy recanting tales of their success. We have to remember, while a football game may be the highlight of someone’s day, to a player it’s just a Thursday.

When talking to an NFL player, it’s best to avoid talking about his time on the field. If you’re a waitress, you probably don’t want to be spending your evenings talking about taking orders. The same goes for the NFL player you want to date. Let him bring up football if he wants. If he doesn’t, you’ll get to see the other sides of him he can’t or doesn’t show on the field. No matter what, sticking to this method will guarantee you come out on top!

2. Don’t ask for things, contribute

Sadly, most NFL players are used to people who are interested in them for their money or status. If anything, they see people who just want something from them as another person in a crowd, the last thing you want to be if you’re looking to be seen as a viable romantic partner. There are two parts to this method and the first is the easiest to tackle; don’t ask for or expect anything from an NFL player.

While their lifestyle may be appealing, you’ll have to be patient if you want any of it. For the first couple of interactions, provide for yourself. Be willing to pay for your drinks or even meal, showing the player you’re with that you’re more than capable of providing for yourself and don’t need to rely on anyone. This is an incredibly attractive quality in anyone, independence is an exceptional trait to have.

Once you’ve mastered the art of taking care of yourself, it’s time to take care of your man. Or hopeful man, that is. Contributing to an NFL player is hard, they have all the money any of us could ask for and a limited amount of time. What they don’t always have, is someone who can provide the little things for them. Make food at home, take time to bake a cake or another sweet treat. Time is something NFL players value immensely, and using yours on your man is an easy way to let him know you’re thinking about him.

3. Be emotionally supportive

Being an NFL player isn’t all big tackles and touchdowns, there’s a huge mental and physical commitment every player makes to the game. While a player may be able to buy the nicest cars and the biggest houses, he may be looking for a shoulder to cry on. That’s right, even the best NFL players in the league are still human and still want another person they can rely on emotionally. Through patience and persistence, you can be that person!

Being there for a player can come in many forms. As we mentioned earlier, cooking is a great way to let a player know he’s in your thoughts. Another great way is to text them a simple good morning or good night, reminding them you’re there.

Since NFL players have grueling schedules, being understanding of time constraints is another key way to be emotionally available. Players would probably rather spend their time elsewhere, so being reminded that they’re always gone isn’t great for their mental health or your relationship. Be appreciative when he’s around, and understanding when he can’t be.

4. Find common interests

It seems like football is the only thing in an NFL player’s life, but even they know there’s more to it than that. Common interests are a great way to get to know a football player better and spend time together. Activities like golfing, shopping, and going out are three fun ways to deepen your relationship. Better yet, by doing all of these things you can show the NFL player you want to date that you’re more than just a fan. You’re not someone who’s just with them for fame or money, you enjoy them for who they are! And hopefully, they feel the same towards you.


Meeting a single NFL player has never been easier. With the advent of the internet and social media sites like Instagram, finding your favorite running back is as easy as hitting the follow button! Even without social media, going to a popular nightclub or sports bar is bound to bear fruit. The annual All White and All Black parties occur in major cities all over America, giving you two key chances a year to look your best and attract a man.

Going beyond traditional nightclubs and bars, there are many ways to meet a successful, single athlete. While they may require some commitment, getting a job near where a player frequents is a surefire way to be on a first-name basis. You can work at the stadium or their favorite golf resort!

The easiest way to get an NFL player is to be a cheerleader. The cheer squad is right next to the football team, when he’s not throwing touchdowns he could be throwing looks your way! If you’re capable of becoming a professional cheerleader, it is certainly worth the hard work and dedication.

Once you’ve met your man, it’s time to keep him. Through being emotionally supportive, independent, and understanding, you too can date your very own NFL player!

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